Sunday, May 28, 2006


Becoming a successful Young Living distributor continued

Networking is a business based on voluntary cooperation instead of competition. That voluntary cooperation begins as soon as you become a Young Living Independent Distributor. Once you’ve joined, somewhere in your upline are volunteers ready to go to work for you: Not only because they’re nice, helpful people, but also because the more successful YOU are, the more successful THEY are! Isn’t that nice? That’s the way of network marketing.

If you don’t know who your upline sponsor is, call Young Living Customer Support and ask.

Put ‘Em to Work:
Once you become aware of this voluntary army, you have everything to gain by putting them to work. Here’s what to reasonably expect and ask for from your upline volunteers:

They should give you an introduction to of all the Young Living training materials and review them with you.

They should give you a reasonable explanation of the compensation plan. The Preferred Customer Bonus and the Distributor Team Performance Bonus.

They should provide answers to ongoing questions on products, networking and Young Living policies.

So you see, these tools really are invaluable. In fact I built my entire downline over the Internet by using tools like Aweber and AudioGenerator.

Your upline sponsor should also tell you about two essential online marketing tools called 2 Achieve Wealth and Marketing Scents. Both of these systems were created to tell the Young Living Story and business opportunity online over the Internet. Each has a different approach to the business, but both are vital to selling your opportunity. If you are not aware of these important tools, you’ll find links to them at Jims Monday

As a side note: You should call your sponsor and upline first to ask about these tools, then Young Living Customer Service if needed.

Your sponsor or someone in your upline should give you a personal tour of Young Living’s replicated website and online office.

If possible you should expect to receive one-on-one personalized training sessions.

Your sponsor and upline should be willing to do 3-way and one-on-one calls with your prospects.

And finally, they should provide you with general guidance and ongoing support as you need or request it.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Becoming a successful Young Living distributor

Being a successful Young Living Distributor means wearing different hats:

First and foremost is the hat of ownership. You own a home business. This entails setting up a place in your home to do business, organizing and maintaining files for business related tax expenses, income, contacts, and so forth.

You also wear the hat of being a marketer and sponsor. And it’s about wearing the hat of a sponsor that I want to talk about with you today.

Every successful Young Living Distributor goes through a learning curve. Part of that curve entails learning how to talk “Young Living.” New Distributors need to learn what to say and how to speak with prospects, as well as with their own network of distributors.

The best and fastest way to get through this learning curve is to simply watch and listen to your own sponsor and other upline members who talk Young Living. If you’re new to the business or just don’t know, get into the habit of letting someone upline from you to actually do the talking for you with your prospects.

This is especially true for new Distributors. Don’t try and do too much to quickly. Instead, take a little time in the beginning to make sure you’re on the right track. Soon enough you’ll be doing the talking for your own downline. Learning the ropes first from your sponsor will ensure you’re setting the right example.

More to come....stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


The Power to Make Money in Network Marketing.

The truth is that the power to make money in Network Marketing lies in the "Product Distribution System" (PDS) that is created through networking. A PDS is an organization of people networked together and dedicated to the PDS itself. It is the PDS, not products or Comp Plan that creates and makes the flow of money possible. Product distribution (the flow of products) is what network marketing is all about. So creating a PDS should be the focus and priority of every distributor working to build a network marketing business.

Network marketing in its purest form is the business of product distribution. That is what we do. We create a distribution system through which products and money flow. It is a form of commerce that has large appeal, because anyone who desires to build a secure future may do so in network marketing.

With a PDS in place, you can do whatever you want the rest of your life and not ever have to worry about your financial future. Without a PDS in place, you have nothing. Now do not mis-understand me. Products and a form of compensation are needed to complete any marketing transaction; but they are not the crown jewel that builds a network marketing PDS.

My point is that the power of network marketing to generate life-long income lies within itself. People will forever compete over products and Comp Plans. But there is no competition when we show prospects how to build a PDS and remain focused on that goal with them.

Send whatever products you want through that PDS, it doesn't matter because it is the PDS that makes residual income possible. It is the prospect of building a PDS through which products flow that gets people excited about their future, not products!!! Products are what we buy, but creating a PDS is our business mission, what we work toward.

Now put your business hat on, sit down and brain storm. Ask yourself: What is it that people universally want more than anything else? Products or financial freedom?

There is definitely a place for product promotion in our industry, but the power of financial independence to draw prospects to your table has far more appeal then do products. That financial independence is found in network marketing by creating a PDS, something anyone can do.

The People Who Network Ebook, will teach you how to build a network of people dedicated to creating and building a PDS. You'll find the focus is on network marketing, prospects and their future, not products. And why is that? Simply, people want control of their lives back.

Look at Young Living as a home base business using the 2 Achieve Wealth website and The Chinese Health Secret website. Then post your comments.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Turn your computer into a source of lifetime income!

Thanks to the internet, people all over the world are able to start a home based business online with little to no experience. Despite the ease of owning a home based business, there is still the challenge of knowing how to advertise your website and market your business. This is a major challenge for 98% of all home based businesses. Like any business, there is a learning curve associated with getting started. If you are a Young Living Distributor then this system is a huge help.

The System
The 2 Achieve Wealth system is rewriting the "how-to" book on your Young Living home-based business success, The state of the art flash websites feature powerful online movies that entertain and sell your message, over and over, 24-7. If you can invite people to watch a movie, you can write your own ticket to success!

Why You Need The 2 Achieve Wealth System
Your 2 Achieve website will grab and hold your prospects attention like no other tool. It has that wow factor. Do you know AIDA? AIDA is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. AIDA is the process all consumers go through in the buying process. Before we take action (buy), we must have desire.

Before we can have desire we must have interest, and before we can have interest, our attention must be grabbed. This is what separates the 2 Achieve Wealth marketing system from ordinary websites: IT SELLS by skillfully moving prospects through the buying process.

Having a system that anyone can be successful with is key to duplication and building a large, successful business. Instead of spending hours to explain products and income opportunity, our marketing system allows you to spend more of your time finding new prospects to feed into our movie presentations.

Anyone interested in starting a home base business will want to know three things when you introduce them to your Young Living income opportunity.

Can I do this?
Can I afford it?
Can I duplicate this?

The 2 Achieve Wealth system convincingly answers all three questions during the movie presentation. Viewers realize anyone can do this at an affordable cost. Most importantly, they see the power of duplication at work, and understand they can have that same power working for themselves.

You can put this remarkable marketing system to work for yourself for about .50 cents a day: That's $14.95 per month.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Give Yourself An Immediate Pay Increase

By becoming a home-based business owner, you are instantly eligible to free up dollars in your paycheck, and increase your take home pay now rather than waiting for next year's tax refund. You and/or your spouse may adjust your W-4 exemptions at your place of employment, and immediately take home up to $500 or more per month that is now being withheld. That translates into one BIG pay increase with money you can spend or invest now!

If you had triplets, you would go to your employer and change your W-4, tapping into hundreds of dollars. The same goes for your home business. The day you opened your home business you tapped into potentially thousands of dollars in deductions, enabling you to raise the number of exemptions on your W-4. Your take home pay goes up by hundreds of dollars (even if you didn't have triplets).

W-4 forms exist for one purpose—to claim withholding exemptions. This form may be amended at any time, any number of times, without penalty. The more exemptions you claim, the greater your take-home pay will be. For accuracy, use a W-4 Exemption Increase Calculator form to figure your pay increase.

Remember, this is your money, not “theIRS's.” Why wait until April 15th to claim your money when the government allows you to take it now? You do NOT need to show a profit in your business to claim more exemptions, only the intent to make a profit. Deductions claimed on your IRS 1040 tax form justifies claiming your income. Home based business owners can easily claim $20,000 or more in deductions.

What could you do with an extra $300 per month?
If you had an $80,000 thirty-year mortgage on your home, owed $10,000 on your family car and had $3,800 of credit card debt, you could be debt free in 8.5 years—And you could create 1.2 million dollars in investments that generates $10,000 per month in interest income. WOW! All from giving yourself a $300 pay raise.

You could also use that extra $300 to buy products needed to qualify for commissions in your Young Living venture. You could afford to advertise your business, set up an online marketing system and much more.

You also now have a way to help your prospects fund their Young Living business, thereby removing the "I can't afford it" objection right off the table. Take action. You could be bringing home hundreds of dollars more per month in your paycheck. All comments are welcomed.

Monday, May 01, 2006


Become a Young Living distributor and start your own home-based business

The intangible, but highly influential, experiences of free expression, self-sufficiency, and creative control are what drive many people to embark upon the entrepreneurial journey, as it is these factors that provide personal satisfaction to business owners. Obviously, as the business owner and leader, you have a unique stake in the success or failure of the business because it is tied to you as an individual. As such, you are willing to struggle through the tough times while maintaining your excitement as you create a vision for the future.

What makes small businesses stand out from the shadow of large corporations? Their ability to take an active role in their community. A home based business allows many to create intimate relationships with the communities in which they operate. A small business, however, is uniquely a product of its local environment, and therefore has a distinct advantage when it comes to creating real impact on local communities and the customers who live there. As a Young Living distributor you have the opportunity to build a customer base not only locally, nationally, internationally but also in Canada.

When you become a Young Living Distibutor you are taking the reins of controlling your future. Young Living provides you with the tools and framework you need to take your business to the next level. The result? Your business will function in a logical, efficient, and unified manner, aligned with your vision.

If there are any questions or any fears on becoming a home-based business owner post a comment of drop me a line. The reason I LOVE the Young Living opportunity most of all is I can taylor it to fit my personality.

P.S. Visit this link to learn more about Young Living and the business opportunity.

Friday, April 28, 2006


The Hunt for Money

This article by Jim Lynn is reflective of how most of us feel each day.

We dream of having the freedom to do those things in life we would like to do but do not do, simply because there is not enough money. It seems no matter how many hours we work, no matter how much money we can set aside, there is never enough money to break free.Sadly many Americans have taken on debt as a way to finance their lifestyle.

But being indebted means more hours to work, more sacrifices to be made. Indebtedness is not the answer, it frequently imprisons us beyond our capacity to escape. According to the credit card industry, the average credit card debt is $7,000, and half of all U.S. households report difficulty paying their minimum monthly payments. This means millions of families will spend many years justto pay what they owe. There has to be a better way to live and work, to be free of money concerns. Fortunately there is! Click on The Hunt for Money above to read the article.

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